Project Description:

Project Location: Anhui, China

Input Material: limestone

Finished Product: desulfurizer

Feeding Size: < 10mm

Finished Grain Size: 250 mesh on screen 90%

Equipment: MTW European Trapezium Mill

Capacity: 200,000 tons/year

Application: desulfurization agent

Case Summary:

At the end of 2016, a mining company in Anhui Province reached an agreement with zingbox of a 200,000TPY desulfurization agent grinding plant, and it was successfully put into operation in November 2016.

Production Process:

  1. 1) Feeding System

    The limestone in the hopper is fed into the bucket elevator by the belt conveyor (with the addition of iron remover). The hoist will send the material to the raw material bin to be ground. The lower part of the raw material bin is equipped with the belt feeder, and the material is fed into the mill.

  2. 2) Grinding System

    Material is sent into the mill for grinding, then the finished product is collected into the cyclone collector and pulse dust collector through the separator, and is put into the screw conveyor from the lower discharge port.

  3. 3) Finished Product Delivery System

    Screw conveyor outlet is installed with a pneumatic conveying system to deliver the finished product to the finished product warehouse. The excess gas is filtered by the warehouse top filter.

  4. 4) Dust Removal System

    The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collector. There are suction outlets installed in all dust point to ensure that the entire system is free of dust and leakage, and can achieve dust-free operation on site.

  5. 5) Control System

    The system configures intelligent PLC control cabinet and host computer, to achieve the function to start and stop, monitor, interlock linkage the entire system of all the equipment, and reserves DNS interface which can achieve remote control.

Project Advantage:

  1. 1) Project General Contracting Service

    In order to save the limited time of the project and reduce the customer's investment, this project uses the project general contracting service. The service runs through the site terrain environmental investigation, grinding plant process design, raw material testing, finished product requirements analysis, customer investment cost budget, equipment installation and commissioning and other links. Customers can avoid project disruption by the cause of construction materials, inadequate manpower and other special factors to delay production time. So that customers maximize the convenience of production, which meets the urgent needs of customers in production time and win high praise from Anhui customers.

  2. 2) High Standard and High Requirement

    The project implements:

    1. 1. Advanced equipment, scientific configuration, rational layout and smooth operation.

    2. 2. Remote control, high degree of automation and unmanned operation on site.

    3. 3. No dust pollution. Feeding system, grinding system and finished product delivery system are equipped with efficient dust removal device to achieve dust-free operation.

    Relying on the advanced mill equipment, Anhui customers have achieved rapid development in the direction of diversification, specialization and refinement, and more applications will be developed in the future. It is foreseeable that in the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, limestone powder will be widely used in building materials, power plant desulfurization and other fields, which will bring more profit margins.