Project Description:

Customer Address:Jiangsu, China

Input Material: quicklime

Finished Product: aerated brick

Feeding Size: ≤ 35mm

Finished Particle Size: 200 mesh

Capacity: 50,000 tons/year

Daily Operation: 10 hours

Client Background:

The customer is a well-known local limestone processing enterprises, has-having its own mines. The customer calcines limestone on its own lime kiln, and then the quicklime is processed into powder, mainly processed into about 200 mesh powder, then used to supply for the downstream aerated brick industry, or for power plant desulfurization.

Client Feedback:

zingbox owns equipment in the locality, we saw it and later contacted the office. We have a very pleasant cooperation. The performance of the equipment and the products are very in line with our needs. Overall, the service is good.